Max is an ex-con who's been saving money to open a car wash in Pittsburgh. Lionel is a sailor who's returning home to the midwest to see the child born while he was at sea. They form an unlikely pair as the brawling Max learns a little how Lionel copes with the world: Lionel believes that the scarecrow doesn't scare birds, but instead amuses them - birds find scare-crows funny. Internet Movie Database




Directed by
Jerry Schatzberg

Writing credits
Garry Michael White
Gene Hackman .... Max
Al Pacino .... Francis, a.k.a. 'Lion'
Dorothy Tristan .... Coley
Ann Wedgeworth .... Frenchy
Richard Lynch .... Jack Riley
Eileen Brennan .... Darlene
Penelope Allen .... Annie
Richard Hackman .... Mickey
Al Cingolani .... Shipper
Rutanya Alda .... Woman in Camper

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"Gene and I are two people not very similar. We had to play a very close relationship, but I just didn't think we were as connected as we should have been. We seemed apart. We didn't have altercations, but we didn't communicate, didn't think in the same terms. we didn't hate each other, but I had a stronger connection to Brando. Gene and I were thrown together, but under ordinary circumstances we'd never cavort of be friends. It was two worlds - but I have to say that I was as much responsible as he was." (from "Al Pacino: A Life On the Wire")


It won the Best Picture Award (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Festival.


(274k) the lamp (explaining that he got a lamp for the child he's never seen because it would be good for a boy or girl)
(290k) I get to see my kid (explaining why he hasn't called his wife about coming to see her and their kid)


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